Re Kirpi Kağıtçılık
Importer of Specialty Paper & Plastic Materials

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Re-Kirpi Kağıtçılık is an importer and manufacturer company, which mainly focuses on the purchase & sales of first & second choice paper & plastic materials. The company is a family-owned company, being active in the specialty paper business for over 25 years now.

We basically import the materials from
Europe and USA, process the materials for the final adjustment, in order  to make it ready for the turkish market. Those recovered materials are then used in various industries such as food, hygiene, automotive, textile, electronic, label and construction sectors.

In other words, we import and also partly join the recycling & revaluation phase of a specific paper & plastic based materials group.

The products covering our interest range are specialty papers such as silicone paper, self-adhesive materials, double-sided tapes, auto-filter paper, thermal paper, coffee foil, parchment paper, PET, PE, PP materials, reflective sheets, tea filter paper and so on in rolls format.



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